3-Step Donation Process

How to Maximize Your Charitable Donations

Your tax professional has partnered with CharityDeductions.com to help you maximize your deduction this year by claiming accurate values for donated items. Follow the 3-Step Donation Process below along with your CharityDeductions.com membership to save money on taxes in just a few minutes!

Charity Deductions


Itemize Your Donations
Breakdown your donation by quantity and type and condition.  You can write it down on a piece of paper or enter the items into CharityDeductions.com.  You can print out a donation list prior to drop-off.

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Donation Documentation
When you drop-off your donation, be sure to get an official receipt and write “See attached list” to your receipt.  If possible, ask the person accepting the donation to sign both your detailed list and the official receipt.  A receipt is required by the IRS but a signed-off receipt is not.

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Value Your Donations
Purchase a CharityDeductions.com membership, log into your account and lookup the accurate values for your donated items.  They will surprise you.  The website will track your donation entries for items, money and mileage, calculate how much you have saved in taxes and offer a variety of printable report options.  You may also give your tax professional online access to your reports in Account setup.  CharityDeductions.com values are researched and refreshed on an annual basis.  We've done all the hard work for you so you can save hundreds of dollars in just a few minutes!
The bottom-line is this ... the greater the value, the greater the tax deduction and greater the refund.

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